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Poetic Pills | SescTVAltogether there were 26 audio-visual pills and a short that circulated festivals in Brazil and Portugal.




Audiovisual poems Immersion Olho-Urubu, directed by André Guerreiro Lopes, gestated during the Audiovisual Laboratory SescTV, which happened in the last edition of the festival in September 2014, from the dip in the filmography of filmmakers such as Dziga Vertov, Jean-Luc Godard, Rogério Sganzerla And others, as well as the inspiration in the metaphor of the spiral flight of the vulture by Mirada and the city of Santos. “The proposal was intriguing: to do an intense immersion in the activities of the Mirada and create free poems films from that experience,” explains Guerreiro Lopes.


Altogether, 26 pills were produced and the short film Olho-Urubu, which has already been circulated by Mostra Transversalidades at the 18th Luso-Brazilian Film Festival of Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal, last year; At the Mostra Panorama Paulista at the 26th São Paulo International Short Film Festival in August and has just been selected for the Rio Festival’s Competitive Show, which will take place in October.

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Actress performs in honor of Cacilda Becker during Mirada Cultural of Sesc at Santos-SP


"Como eu veria o mundo se estivesse com seus olhos?" Esse foi o argumento de uma das pílulas audiovisuais.
“How would I see the world if I were with your eyes?” That was the argument of one of the audio-visual pills.


O diretor André Guerreira faz ajustes em mais uma das pílulas audiovisuais durante o Mirada Cultural | Sesc Santos
The director André Guerreira makes adjustments in another one of the audio-visual pills during the Mirada Cultural | Sesc Santos



Directed by André Guerreiro

Production: Joyce Nogueira, Wllyssys Wolfgang, Eduardo Ferreira, Gabi Sba, Nara Lobo.

Photo Direction: Theuba Rocha

Direct Sound: Renato Garcia

Editing: Gabriel Dias

SescTV Coordination: Silvia Garcia / Heloisa Hururahy

Realization / Distribution: SescTV