Life in Poetry … Doc “Conceição: Vida e Verso”

Life in Poetry … Doc “Conceição: Vida e Verso”

Do meio da caatinga Conceição escreve cartas e manda pra rádio.


Living in the Bahia’s outback, living in a community with no electric power or running water, more than 100km from the host city, Conceição composes in its poems the beauty of the caatinga, the transience of rainfall, and transience of green, animals and nature. .. her life is intertwined with these verses, “Conceição: Vida e Verso”.


The documentary shows the sensitivity, wit and poetry produced and experienced by Maria da Conceição. The short film ran the country and was used by teachers in the classroom, culminating in the relationship of language, poetry and society.



Script and direction: Wllyssys Wolfgang

Production Assistant: Robério Brasileiro

Production: Ilana Copque

Production Assistant: Socorro Reis

Photo direction: Brazilian Robot

Sound Design: André Dantas

Production in Loco: Zé Reis

Execution and distribution: WW Filmes