WW Filmes is an independent audiovisual producer with registration in Ancine that offers everything from the elaboration of the project (edicts and scripts) to production and post-production.

Produce and contribute creatively! Today our projects, images and partners speak for us! But it was not always so. We are a DIY producer (do it yourself – producing without money or with a very low budget), then with public announcements or partnerships. Now we produce on any platform and we play on various types of projects! Challenges move us! We produce audiovisual content of fiction, documentaries, musicals, educational, experimental, animations or publicity for the cinema, TV, social networks, branded content, digital platforms (applications, EaD, web).

Social Projects

More than 1200 people contemplated with projects like the "Cine Caatinga" (WW Filmes / Funarte) that took the seventh art to people who had never seen or participated in productions. We participated in partnerships in projects such as the "Experimental Film Nucleus of MIS-SP" by the Museum of Image and Sound in SP, "Amazon Vida" (by Inst. Presb. Mackenzie) in Amazonas, "Curta PIBID" in Quilombolas and folk groups by Univasf among others.

Complete Projects

More than 70 projects in the cinema / audiovisual, TV (programs, special series, reports, etc.), publicity & advertising, education, social media, experimental, documentaries, animations among others.

Awards and nominations

More than 20 nominations and awards from Brazil, including "Best Short" at the 24th International Short Film Festival of SP (Eye Training); SescTV 2013; Tiradente's Film Festival 2011; Best University TV Program 2015; BNB National Journalism Award 2013 among others.


How to find us

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